Espresso Martini x2

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    The espresso martini is one of our most popular cocktails because we have a special, well balanced mix of ingredients. Perfect as an after dinner treat or just because you want to treat yourself to a cocktail that will lift your spirits. This cocktails contains fresh Lavazza espresso, coffee liqueur, vodka and vanilla.


    Your cocktail comes with ice! Just shake for 20 seconds and your cocktails are ready to drink. Shake extra hard for thick foam. This cocktail-kit contains a jar with all ingredients for TWO cocktails and garnish to decorate your cocktail. If you don’t have any cocktail glasses at home, order them in our webshop (gifts), or you can just drink it from the jar of course! 15% vol.

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    Select your favourite drinks and snacks and pick them up at Prik during opening hours for a nice Pink Picnic in the park, on the beach or at home!
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