THE BOX CONTAINS: 2 Prik masks // 1 Prik canvas bag // 2 Prik wine glasses //

1 Gaybar soap // 2 bags Pipers crisps 40g // 1 bottle of premium red wine* // 

1 bottle of premium dry white wine * // 10% discount voucher for Gays & Gadgets + Underground Fetish // Mister B Calender


SUPPORT US: Add a Prik voucher to your shopping basket and we will add it to your box. This way you support us while we are closed and you can spend the voucher once we re-open.



Order before November 30st

Delivery between December 2nd and 4th (5.95)

Pick up from Wednesday December 2nd at Gays&Gadgets Spuistraat 44 during opening hours. (free)



Order before December 18th

Delivery between December 18th and 23rd (5.95)

Pick up from Saturday December 19th at Gays&Gadgets Spuistraat 44 during opening hours. (free)


* Tom Legend Organic: An impressive full bodied red wine made from carefully selected organic Zinfandel, Petit Sirah, Syrah and Cariginan Grapes. Notes include hints of ripe blackberries, strawberries, spices and chocolate.

Origin: California  Percentage: 14.5%  Volume: 75cl


* Ca'Montini Pinot Grigio: An italian dry single vineyard wine. Like the bottle this wine has an elegant structure with notes of lemon, apricot, pear and green apple.

Origin: Italy Percentage: 12.5%  Volume: 75cl

Prik (Prikmas) Box

€ 60,00Price
  • Prikmas box

    Surprise a loved one or treat yourself while supporting Prik at the same time! This gift wrapped Prik Box fits perfectly in Sinterklaas’ sack or under the Christmas tree. Well actually it’s nice for any occasion. 😊   


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